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Ready to Play? 

Rules & FAQs

Bingo Rules


Only New Brunswick residents are permitted to play The Heart and Stroke Foundation of New Brunswick’s (HSFNB) Bingo.


By purchasing and playing a bingo card book, the player is agreeing to play by HSFNB Bingo rules which may change without notice.


HSFNB Bingo will be aired live-stream on Monday nights at 7:00pm. You can tune in on the web at www.heartandstrokenbbingo.ca


Anyone 18 years and older may play HSFNB Virtual Bingo with the exception of HSFNB employees and board members of the Foundation.


HSFNB Bingo plays five games every week, ranging from single line games to our full card jackpot. Our Jackpot game prize is $3000.00 in 50 numbers or less. The Consolation Prize is $750.00. Each week the Jackpot is not won, the weekly Jackpot will increase by $500.00.


Bingo cards are available at many retailers throughout the province including: the Heart and Stroke Foundation of New Brunswick office in Saint John, participating Circle K locations, participating Giant Tigers and independent retailers in New Brunswick. Check out the "Where to Buy" tab on our website to find all particiapting retailers. 


Bingo card sales stop once the game starts.


All Bingo cards have specific serial numbers, series numbers and colors. A unique series of cards are issued each week. 


Winning cards each week must correspond to the series issued for that week.


Numbers will be called every 20 seconds.


Potential winners must call the Heart and Stroke Foundation office at 1-800-663-3600 or 506-634-1620 during the 20 seconds between balls in order to prevent the next number being called. 


Winners must give the following information when calling in a Bingo: Free Space number, Serial number and colour of the card, your name and contact information.


The winners name will be announced on-air, appear on HSFNB social media and our website.


If there is more than one winner the prize will be divided in equal shares amongst the winners. There will be a minimum prize of $25 per person.


A Bingo Dabber must be used on all cards. Winning cards presented that are not dabbed will not be accepted.


HSFNB is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged cards. 


Do not cut or alter any of your Bingo cards.  Cards will be considered void should they be altered.


Refunds will not be issued for unused cards. 


HSFNB is not responsible for any malfunction or buffering of players phones, laptops, computers or internet connection.


To claim your prize winners must mail, present in person or text/email a photo of their bingo card to HSFNB. Text winning card to 506-651-6626 or email your card to heart.stroke@hsf.nb.ca with your name and address or mail cards to The Heart and Stroke Foundation of New Brunswick 580 Main Street Suite B210, Saint John, NB E2K 1J5.


Prizes will be issued after the winning card is received. Payment will be issued by cheque.


Prizes must be claimed within 30 days of event. Cards mailed or received after 30 days are considered forfeit.


Bingo may be delayed for the following reasons, power outage, failure of Bingo equipment, community emergency, extreme weather or a holiday.


In the event of a power outage 30 minutes or less at the Saint John office, HSFNB will resume play upon restoration of power. If the power is not restored within 30 minutes, HSFNB Bingo will be rescheduled to Tuesday at 6pm.  Should Bingo be cancelled at any point during the broadcast, the game will resume at the same point the following evening.


If Bingo falls on a holiday Monday, Bingo will take place Tuesday at 6pm.


If there is a storm in Saint John, Bingo will take place Tuesday at 6pm.


Prizes are as follows:

  • Game #1  $250.00 Any Single Line

  • Game #2  $350.00 Any Two Lines

  • Game #3  $450.00 T Pattern any way

  • Game #4  $550.00 Letter X

  • Game #5  $3000.00 Full Card (50 Balls or less) 

51 Balls and higher - Consolation Prize of $750.00

Jackpot increases by $500 per week if not won


Once the Jackpot reaches $10,000.00 it will revert to a guaranteed win and the number of balls called will increase until the Jackpot is won.


Due to the time lag between numbers called and potential winners calling in, the Bingo on the least amount of balls called will be the winner.


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